Jan 28

How to change a Universal Distribution Group to a Universal Security Group in Exchange 2010.

I came across this great blog when searching for a solution on how to give a distribution group access to users calendars in Exchange. My problem was that when I changed the type to USG in AD, and gave it enough time, and tried to set my permissions on the folders, I still received an error.
If I created a new USG and did the same operation, everything worked fine, so what was the problem with my allready existing USG?

Turns out that you have to set this parameter on the distribution group: Set-Distributiongroup –identity NameOfGroup –MemberDepartRestriction Closed

And for more info I would recommend that you check out this great blog about this issue: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/pepeedu/archive/2010/08/26/how-to-upgrade-a-universal-distribution-group-to-a-universal-security-group.aspx

Jan 21

Get users mobile devices still using Exchange ActiveSync

The guys over at “Hey Scripting Guy” at Microsoft blogs have a great script for finding mobile devices still using Exchange ActiveSync. This can be very helpfull if you have problems with accounts getting locked out, and you need to “prove” to your user how many devices currently is syncing with Exchange ActiveSync.

You can find their page and script here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2014/01/18/avoid-account-lockout-use-powershell-to-find-old-mobile-devices.aspx

Jan 12

Melberg.net turns to blogging.

Its time to change Melberg.net to something more serious, so from now on this site will be a blog. I will use it to collect links I use regarding my interest. It will vary from funny links to more serious work related stuff and hobbies.

The old site will be archived and linked.